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Of the soil and more: self-animal, self-stump, self-plant, self-fungi, self-nest


2022, oil, graphite on canvas, various dimension

At the centre of the paintings are layers of soil, rich in life and colour, from which everything else grows – plants, mushrooms, insects, mammals. Our future depends on us recognising their agency. History and future potential hide in the decaying vegetation, the humus and other layers in the soil. Over centuries different kinds of living creatures and mineral particles in the soil take part in producing the layer of humus. Time is accumulated in the soil. Soil is a layer of culture – the denser the soil the more connections and the richer it is. The soil also holds the future, and on this the entire growth of the community depends. Bacteria, fungi and insects, who live in the soil are an important part of the ecosystem and as they decay, they create new opportunities for the future. The richer the soil the more relationships and communication there is, and the denser the network that humans affect with their excessive intervention.

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